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Saturday, November 14, 2009

i re-watched this movie today
really like Hillary Duff in this movie :)
this movie is about Holly -the blogger the girl on the move
moving from one town to the other everytime her mother broke up
this time they moved to Brooklyn NY
there, she started a resolution in finding a perfect man for her mother
she fake herself as a secret admire to her mother
just to make her happy
however, while doing it, she met a boy
but lies are not meant to be lies forever
one day she had to tell the truth and broke her mother heart
and wonder whats going on next?
well, it's always a good ending, wouldnt it?
i cant really explain how then the story goes
maybe u guys can watch it and smiles at the happy ending then

tomorrow start working and oncall
dude, i really not ready
but as the title said, JUST JUMP AND SWIM!
just do my best..

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