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Monday, May 10, 2010

LIFE is beautiful

Today is 10 May 10..

Yesterday I was post-call. After a very tiring yet exciting oncall in a very busy ward, I came back home on thank-God PM off.
After called my mom to wish happy mother's day and watch 1 episode of NurKasih, I went to sleep. Wishing to get up at night to do some revision for today's assessment and do my discharge summary which was not finished.

But I know, post-call sleep can never be trusted. True enough, I woke at 3.30am in the morning with a dream that I was already late for work. Feeling so hopeless as I studied nothing, I woke up and get refreshed to study. After a chapter on Malaria fever, I doozed off. And I woke up again at 5.30am which time to get ready for work already. With a swollen eyes due to over-slept, a dizzy head and palpitation, I went to work. I pray hard that today gonna be just fine.

Assessment is of course that bad that I received a warning letter few hours after paper markings..haha. which makes me laugh myself out as I already expected it. Then when I back to ward, clerk new patients and went to clinic and then clerk another patients..by the end of the day, I feel my heart so light. After finished my work at around 7pm, I slowly walked back to quarters. That time is sunset, which the favourite time of the day. It was so beautiful...a scenery that I always love to see. Then I think to myself...Life is not that bad, isnt it..? We only afraid to face life when we are unsure and unfamiliar about things. But when we are confident with it, we will worry about nothing.
Like wise said : In the end we will love what we familiar with..

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