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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Things happen at the right time and the right place

Today is my birthday..Yay!
So I planned a one day off and enjoying the day
My sis is here with me so early in the morning we went for breakfast at McD
Juz adding more fat into my 24 yr old blood vessel..haha
Then after a while enjoying the meal, I saw 2 familiar faces walked in
Ups, one of them is Anaest MO whom I promised to belanja her for giving me a chance to do appendicectomy..Really? Really....I thought to myself.
Lucky I was sitting far from the crowd
Konon2nye xmau dia nampak.Aiseh.
Then I thought to myself that this is the best moment to belanja her as before this always xsempat.
So after finish makan, me and my sis bangun and walk to the counter while trying hard to hide our faces.
Then order 2 set beger. Sambil bayar sambil pesan kat cashier tu to deliver the beger special for 2 customers yg sitting there (sambil pointing out to the two ladies sitting next to the wall) and said 'From Dr Mira Houseman, k'
Maybe the McD workers found it so interesting (dont know why) sampai 2-3 org pkerja and plus their bos datang to hear and adding to the suprise plan.
So we walked away and watched from far.
Lame gak waiting sambil skodeng
Then bila nampak yg bos McD tu nk deliver beger tu we all walked away
Sampai kat kereta, my phone ringing
To my suprise suara yg bercakap di sana is the Anaest MO voice..
Aiseh.Mane dia dapat number aku nih?Konfius.
Rupanya she go and called hospital operator and asked for my number! Haha..Really..
Said that the hospital operator is her auntie..haha
Haiya.Kantoi kat situ gak.
After talking while laughing with me and saying thank ussss, she hang up.
The moment she hang up I was laughing my heart out coz it's so damn funny!
I cant believe she go and get my number from HOSPITAL OPERATOR. Haha
Never thought of that pun..
Haha now i'm laughing.again.
Thinking about it I tought to myself that everyting happens at the right time and the right place.
It'll never happen THIS funny if it happen the other day, the other place.


  1. hehehe.sanggup tu cri num miya..but nice birthday day for u.. :)

  2. hehe btoi2..
    jd kenangan yg best..:)